There are so many ways to print garments so selecting the correct process for your design is imperative. While there are many companies offering print services not many of them care as much as we do about a perfect finish.

We may ask a lot of questions but that’s because we want to ensure that you get what you’re looking for. We want you to ask questions too.

You – Is this the best price?

Us – How many tee shirts do you require?

You – How long will my garments look good?

Us – What is the purpose of the finished garments?

You – When can we start?

Us – As soon as you give us the go ahead!

Selecting the right company for you can be tricky – a lot will be offering some form of printing onto fabric, however, relatively few are offering you the level of printing expertise and advice that we can. Our team has well over thirty, that’s right; 3-0 years of experience in this field and we’ve matured with the market and mastered its developments. We’ve used all the techniques on every different fabric, and learned the art and science of garment customisation from every angle, so we like to think we know what we are talking about.


Digital printing, DTG or direct to garment printing as some companies call it is a relatively new concept and works in the same way as an inkjet printer but using tee shirts instead of paper. This method can produce much higher resolution prints and makes it great for replicating detailed images onto your garments

Our ink producer recommends a 30°C wash and we advise limiting any tumble drying.  For best results artwork should submitted in AI, EPS or vector graphic files and be produced to 300dpi.


CAD (Computer Aided Design)-Cut printing is a method of heat transferring onto tee shirts and clothing. It is most commonly used for printing the numbers, names and logos onto sports t-shirts. The process uses different CAD-Cut vinyl materials which are cut, usually into a number or name, and then applied to the garment using a heat press. To ensure the cutting is perfect a computer is used to control the process. The picking of the excess vinyl is known as weeding. Once this has been done the vinyl is heat-transferred onto the t-shirt or garment.

Different vinyl colours and textures can be used to customise tee shirts and clothing. The most popular vinyl is plain block colour, but also available are effects in polka dots, chevrons, animal print, jeans, army, leather, and stripes. Before you consider which vinyl to use make sure you consider all the options. Maybe green zebra will work for t-shirt printing for a school team or club – OR you can print the numbers of rugby shirts in pink polka print!

CAD-Cut vinyl can also be layered to create unique garment printing effects. The vinyl usually comes in a roll and is cut using a vinyl cutter, flatbed cutter or hand cut. Choosing the right vinyl for the material ensures it keeps its pristine condition and doesn’t peel off after washing. The correct application process is also vital as poor quality vinyl printing won’t last long.

The benefits of using CAD-Cut Vinyl:

CAD-Cut vinyl is ideal for garment printing of 1-3 colours of smaller quantities, for example, a football team’s strip.  Other benefits are:

  1. Durable finish
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Washable
  4. Available in many colours and patterns
  5. Easy to add letters or numbers to an existing printed garment
  6. Fast – no setup time as with screen printing
  7. Matte or gloss finish
  8. Can be used on any colours

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